RAFA Shoreham Airshow

Shoreham Airshow Statement – 21st August 2017

As we mark the second anniversary of the RAFA Shoreham Airshow tragedy, our thoughts and prayers remain with the families and loved ones so very much affected by the great sadness caused by the events on that day.

We continue to help with the investigations into the matter and stand ready to help anyone who may need our assistance and support at this time.

We would also like to express our gratitude to our many volunteers who assist us through this very difficult time.

Final AAIB report release statement – 3rd March 2017

Following the publication of the final AAIB report into the Shoreham Airshow crash, the thoughts and sympathies of everyone associated with the Airshow are with the families of the victims on what will understandably be an emotional day.

The report clearly confirms that a series of errors by an experienced and fully authorised pilot were the cause of the tragic crash on 22 August 2015.

The Shoreham Airshow has been an important part of the local community for 26 years, raising over £2million for charity. The organisers always worked hard to ensure the event was both safe and successful. Our main aim in 2015 was to do just that, but there are findings in the report that will require further analysis and reflection.

The report also contains important recommendations for the CAA, as well as the wider airshow industry, and these must be noted carefully. Any recommendations made by the AAIB that are aimed at improving the safety of air displays can only be welcomed.

The organisers of the Airshow will continue to participate in the ongoing inquest as an interested party.

First anniversary of Shoreham Airshow crash

Ahead of the first anniversary of the tragic Shoreham Airshow crash, on 22 August, the thoughts and deepest sympathies of everyone associated with the event are with the families of those who lost their lives last year. We know this will be a particularly challenging time and we share the deep sorrow of the whole community.

We will be marking the anniversary by laying flowers on behalf of the Airshow at the Shoreham Tollbridge memorial. We also stand ready to contribute once the plans for the permanent memorial have progressed to the stage where support is needed.

Ahead of the publication of the final AAIB report, we are continuing to offer our full cooperation and support to the investigation.

Mr Derek Harber

It was with profound sadness that we announce the passing on 4th March 2016 of Derek Harber, our air show organiser, who died after a brave battle with illness.

He was well-known and dearly loved by all who had any dealings with him in the organisation of the air show. When he was the leader of his team, he was gentle in his approach and understanding in his dealings with volunteers and professionals alike.

Derek had a strong loyalty to the Shoreham Branch of the Royal Air Forces Association and he had many roles including Secretary, and more recently chairman, a position he only vacated in early 2015, and his love of the air show was legendary.

He started his long association in the early 1990s by collecting money on the gates, later organising the “motor show”, dealing with traders and every job required of him, whilst working with his predecessor Don Bean. His ever-present smile and understanding nature enhanced the air show and fostered the family garden party atmosphere with which it became well known. Latterly he used his skills and experience working in the air show office where he was the most popular “boss” and the most respected member of the team.

Derek had great skill and experience and he will be sadly missed by all especially all those involved with the organisation of the air show. Our hearts go out to Lesley, Sarah, Claire, Graham and Neil and the rest of their lovely family who have lost a gentleman in every respect. His passing has left us all feeling sad but appreciative of the time we had together.

Statement: AAIB Third Special Bulletin on the Shoreham Airshow crash

The release of any update on the tragic events of the 2015 Shoreham Airshow is likely to be a challenging time for the families of the victims, and our thoughts are with those affected today.

The third Special Bulletin from the Air Accidents Investigation Bureau (AAIB) reflects our assertions that we, as the flying display organisers, complied with the existing Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) CAP 403 regulations. We are confident that we made every effort to follow the CAA’s guidance.

Any resulting revisions to air show regulations following this interim bulletin are an issue that must be resolved by the CAA and AAIB. As dialogue continues between these two organisations, we will offer every assistance possible to the ongoing investigation.

Shoreham Airshow Ltd

Shoreham Airshow: 2016 decision

Following careful consultation and consideration Shoreham Airshow Ltd has decided that the 2016 Shoreham Airshow will not go ahead.

The decision has been taken primarily out of respect for all those affected by last August’s tragedy and also in view of the ongoing Air Accidents Investigation Branch investigation – and any review of their regulations that the Civil Aviation Authority may subsequently undertake.

We understand that this decision may be disappointing for many who have been part of the extended Shoreham Airshow family over the years. We would like to thank everyone who has supported the air show for the last 26 years, particularly local volunteers and the surrounding community.

When and if it is appropriate to do so, we will explore the possibility of a 2017 airshow. In the meantime, we continue to be fully committed to assisting the Air Accidents Investigation Branch with their ongoing investigation.

The thoughts and deepest condolences of everyone at Shoreham Airshow Ltd remain with all of the victims of the tragedy.

Shoreham Airshow Update – 22/11/2015

Today’s memorial was a poignant and fitting tribute to those who so tragically lost their lives in August. We have always been part of an incredibly tight-knit local community and we were honoured to have representatives at the service today. The thoughts and deepest condolences of our volunteers and the wider Shoreham Airshow team remain with the victims and their families. We continue to offer every assistance to the Air Accidents Investigation Branch and the local police as their investigation into the causes of the crash continue.

Shoreham Airshow Ltd

Shoreham Airshow Update – 19/11/2015

Shoreham Airshow representatives will be attending the memorial at Lancing College on Sunday to pay our respects to those who lost their lives in the tragic crash. We stand united with the local community in our sorrow for the lives lost in August.

Shoreham Airshow Ltd

 Shoreham Airshow statement – Updated 04/09/2015

We at Shoreham Airshow Ltd would like to thank the Air Accidents Investigation Branch for their hard work under difficult circumstances since the crash on August 22. We have studied the contents of the AAIB’s Special Bulletin issued earlier today and acknowledge that considerable further work will be required to determine the causes and contributing factors surrounding the tragedy at Shoreham.  It goes without saying that we will be continuing to provide the authorities with our full cooperation and support in their endeavours to find all the answers.  The report is an interim analysis and we will therefore wait to give a full response until the investigation is concluded.

As from the outset, our attention remains focused on all those who have been most directly and personally affected by the disaster.  Should anyone affected by the crash wish to access support over the coming days, weeks and months, please visit http://www.sussexpartnership.nhs.uk/whats-new/after-shoreham-airshow-nhs-offers-support-coping-post-traumatic-stress-disorder . We are also continuing to support local community events, details of which can be found at http://shorehamcondolence.org/community-events/.

Our thoughts, sympathies and prayers remain with all those affected by the tragedy, particularly those who have lost loved ones.

Shoreham Airshow Ltd

Shoreham Airshow statement – Updated 01/09/2015

We remain devastated by the tragic crash which occurred during this year’s Shoreham air show.

Our thoughts and sympathies continue to be with all those who have been affected by the terrible events of the weekend, particularly those who so tragically lost their lives and those who were injured, their families and loved ones.

We have been overwhelmed by messages of sympathy and support, both from the local community and further afield.  Over the past few days, we have joined fellow members of the local community in laying floral tributes and observing a minute’s silence to honour all those affected.  For more information on other local community events being organised to remember those affected, please visit http://shorehamcondolence.org/community-events/

Undoubtedly, it has been a difficult time for all those who witnessed the crash and its aftermath.  Should anyone affected wish to access support over the coming days, weeks and months, please visit http://www.sussexpartnership.nhs.uk/whats-new/after-shoreham-airshow-nhs-offers-support-coping-post-traumatic-stress-disorder

We have also received a number of enquiries relating to the refund of unused tickets. While some ticket holders have requested a full refund, we have also received requests to deal with individual refunds by way of a charitable donation. Further information about the charitable work of the Royal Air Forces Association can be found at www.rafa.org.uk  To find out more about the fund set up by the Sussex Community Foundation, please visit www.justgiving.com/sussexgiving

The deadline for requesting ticket refunds (27 November 2015) has now passed. Any ticket proceeds will be donated, in full, to the Royal Air Forces Association.

Shoreham Airshow Ltd